Earlier this month, police in New York City launched the first phase of a $9 million plan to install some 500 surveillance cameras throughout the city. Police hope the cameras will deter both crime and terrorism. "We have every reason to believe that New York remains in the cross-hairs [of terrorism], so we have to do what it takes to protect the city," said Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly.

The city has asked for federal grants totaling $81.5 million to install hundreds of additional cameras as part of a "ring of steel" security initiative that is based on the security plan that London uses to protect its financial district.

All told, there are currently about 1,000 cameras in New York City subways and 3,100 cameras in the city's housing projects. Plans call for a total of 2,100 cameras in the subway system by 2008.
Abstracted by the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center(NLECTC) from Newsday (04/16/06); Hays, Tom .