Since the beginning of the year, the town of DeWitt, N.Y., has been using a new electronic ticketing system known as Traffic and Criminal Software (TraCS). The system is faster and more efficient than writing tickets by hand, meaning that officers and drivers are spending less time on the shoulders of roads, thereby improving safety.

Writing tickets by hand can take five to seven minutes per ticket, but writing tickets with the TraCS system takes just three to four minutes, with only 20 seconds per additional ticket.

Features of the system include a thermal printer and bar-code scanner that allow officers to scan the driver's license and registration into a laptop computer.

The equipment and installation of the system were paid for by a state grant. TraCS is also used to write accident reports and is capable of completing reports for most minor accidents within 15 minutes. The system comes with accuracy checks and checks to make sure all information has been entered.

TraCS is being used in several other locations in New York, including Manlius, where it is immensely popular with newer officers and officers who are at ease with technology, says Sgt. Brian Ackerman.
Abstracted by the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center(NLECTC) from the GETTING A TRAFFIC TICKET IS SPEEDY IN DEWITT.