The selection of 21 loan and grant recipients in 10 states to receive more than $12.8 million in rural economic and community development loan and grant funds has been announced by the Department of Agriculture. The funds will foster economic and community development in rural areas.

The money will assist 10 businesses in creating over 200 new jobs. In all, the loan and grant funds will assist with 19 community and business development opportunities.

Business loans will be provided through USDA Rural Development's Rural Economic Development Loan Program while grant funds are provided through the Rural Economic Development Grant Program. Funding for community water infrastructure will be provided through USDA's Water and Environmental loan and grant programs.

The money will be distributed as follows:
Alabama - $450,000
Nebraska - $200,000
Iowa - $1,219,300
North Dakota - $668,000
Kansas - $900,000
South Dakota - $450,000
Kentucky - $450,000
Tennessee - $1,200,000
Minnesota - $594,000
Texas - $6,722,600

USDA Rural Development is the lead federal entity for rural economic and community development needs. It administers financial and technical assistance through a network of state Rural Development offices, various non-profit and educational institutional partners, and its national office.