State and federal funding policies are denying local governments the resources they need to maintain roads in their jurisdictions, according to the Washington-based National Association of County Engineers (NACE). In response, NACE has launched a "Local Roads Matter" campaign to highlight the importance of local roads.

As Congress prepares to consider a new surface transportation funding bill, NACE is taking the opportunity to express its concerns about underfunded local roads. "Across the nation, it is difficult for those responsible for the local road system to have a voice at the state level to ensure money is targeted for investment at the local level is actually spent at the local level," said NACE President and Delaware County, Ohio, County Engineer Chris Bauserman in a statement.

Along with reducing highway safety, the neglect of local road funding damages local and regional economies, according to NACE. NACE's parent association, the Washington-based National Association of Counties (NACo), is backing the "Local Roads Matter" campaign. "The NACE Local Roads Matter Campaign supports our efforts at NACo to 'Restore the Partnership' between the federal government and America's counties," said NACo President-elect Valerie Brown. "County roads are the backbone of rural America, and as such, a renewed national focus is required to protect the users and preserve these vital public assets."

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