According to the Police Executive Research Forum, 90 percent of police departments are set to increase their predictive policing tactics in the next five years. Law enforcement agencies are using Motorola Solutions’ Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) to enhance their predictive policing efforts.

In this video interview with Motorola Solutions’ Shelly Williams, we learn about some of the benefits of RTCC. Williams is a product manager at Schaumburg, Ill.-based Motorola. Some of the benefits include:

Motorola’s Real Time Crime Center gives police enhanced situational awareness of their communities. It gives law enforcement the capability to police their communities more proactively. “The product gives police the feature sets needed as departments move toward more intelligence-based policing strategies,” Williams told GPN.

GPN asked Williams to list some of the advantages of using an integrated system like the RTCC. “Data is everywhere,” said Williams, “and this system takes information from a variety of disparate sources.” She said that Motorola helps departments identify those data sources that would be the most critical to achieving each department’s enforcement goals. Some of the data that can be incorporated in the RTCC setup include: video, state databases, multiple local law enforcement databases and information from social media sites.

The RTCC relies on several technologies, including:

·         IDD: A customizable system that helps consolidate and analyze real-time key performance indicators and historical data resulting in actionable, dashboard views of the situation. IDD tools such as data analysis bring focus to the historical and real-time data points to help public safety agencies identify crime patterns and trends to help deliver effective decisions.

·         Real-Time Intelligence Console (RIC):  integrates video and other solutions with an agency’s existing system, including dispatch platforms, to help identify and distribute information to first responders.

·         Starter Kit: A RIC platform that supports CAD and two video management platforms - and connects up to 100 existing cameras back into the RIC. The kit integrates feeds from multiple video management systems on to one screen and helps users select the most relevant video for improved incident management.

In this video interview, Motorola Solutions’ Shelly Williams offers advice to local government administrators who want to buy predictive policing technology. She lists some potential funding sources for the technology, including federal anti-terrorism funding programs and pubic private partnership with businesses in the community.


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