The Internet of Everything (IoE) is an interconnected world of things, data, processes and people. Cisco predicts that there will be 50 billion connected devices by 2020. The torrents of data generated and shared among IP-enabled devices are being used in novel ways to improve and enhance our lives. However, a significant skills gap exists and will only grow if steps are not taken immediately and continually to educate the current and future work forces.

IoE will require the network to become more intelligent and efficient. Mobile, cloud, apps, and big data and analytics will all be interconnected in IoE, meaning the attack surface will increase dramatically. The amount of data and the security risks of IoE call for more and better-trained network security and data analyst staff. Getting prepared for IoE will require the existing government work force to understand IT networking to a greater degree.

Government agencies will need to work with industries and educational institutions to create the pathway for IT networking skills and talent development. From master’s degree candidates to elementary school students, the future work force must be prepared to understand the network and its underlying connection to everything. Just as computer skills training can now be found at the primary level, so it must be with networking skills if the potential of IoE is to become a reality.

As leaders join together to create effective education to meet current and future network demands, the implications of IoE will manifest in a variety of ways. Governments at all levels will be empowered to deliver services faster and with greater efficiency, saving money and improving the lives of citizens. Economic growth and enhanced public safety are also likely outcomes. A work force prepared with the necessary skills will help to fulfill the future promise that IoE holds for everyone.

About the author: Sudarshan Krishnamurthi is Product Manager at Cisco Support. Cisco Systems is a U.S. multinational corporation that is headquartered in San Jose, Calif. The firm designs, manufactures, and sells networking equipment.

This Cisco video shows what to expect in the future of The Internet of Everything.


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