Editor’s note: Now that we are approaching the fourth quarter of 2013, Kevin L. Jackson of NJVC provides an update as to how the rest of 2013 will play out in the cloud. Jackson is vice president and general manager of cloud services for Chantilly, Va.-based NJVC, an IT services provider. Jackson's predictions follow.

•    Cloud technologies converge. The Cloud computing marketplace focus is shifting from software as a service (SaaS) to infrastructure as a service (IaaS). The IT build, buy or rent decision will lead to more options and opportunities.

•    Custom software hits the cloud. While platform-as-a- service (PaaS) continues to mature, the marketplace is still learning how to extend this concept to custom applications. Widespread adoption of DevOps will happen next year.

•    Integration becomes the new “killer app.” Cloud services brokerage (CSB) accelerates transition to hybrid enterprise IT environments. Federal system integrators will focus on service integration to deliver fully integrated, secure cloud-based solutions on demand.

•    Outsourcing countries drive adoption of PaaS worldwide. Outsourcing countries are exploring how to use PaaS to reduce development cost and increase margins. This move is crucial to their continued ability to leverage low-cost skilled labor.

•    Major data centers undergo a “survival-of-the-fittest” scenario. Data center consolidation continues unabated. Mega-sized data centers will be augmented by smaller, regional centers. Agencies will move faster to divest data centers.

•    Health IT adopts PaaS to replace niche apps. A major transition is in store for healthcare. SaaS, PaaS and IaaS governance will be an important challenge. Secure cloud services and protection of digital health information will enable health information exchanges.

•    Organizations will rapidly adopt CSBs. Cloud services brokerages will drive the new hybrid IT paradigm. Government security policies are being updated to manage the transition from infrastructure-centric to data-centric security postures.

•    The U.S. government re-thinks major IT contracts. There is a widespread move underway from large omnibus contracts to shorter-term, performance-based vehicles. The shift in IT contracting will challenge incumbents, spurring them to transform business models.

•    Innovation and entrepreneurship hits overdrive. Cloud computing will revolutionize virtually every business model. Drastic IT cost reductions will help the government effectively deal with fiscal pressures.

•    Cloud adoption moves from an option to a "must have." Smaller and more nimble cloud-based services providers will spur competition and enable agency transformation.

Go here for information on NJVC’s cloud services. The company supports secure, complex IT enterprises in business- and mission-critical environments, including the intelligence and defense communities. The firm offers IT and strategic solutions to its customers, ranging from strategic consulting to managed flexible services in five business areas: Cloud Services, Cyber Security, Data Center Services, Healthcare IT, IT Services and Print Solutions. Kevin L. Jackson can be reached at kevin.jackson@njvc.com.

This video presentation outlines NJVC’s cloud-based offerings.