Long-flowering, fade-resistant Flower Carpet Yellow rose features buttercup yellow, semi-double blooms from 2 to 2 ins. dia. with 15 to 20 petals each, clustered in 5- to 6-blossom groups that last from 3 to 4 days, for a golden ground cover that is disease resistant and heat tolerant in gardens and landscape. Blooms from late spring through fall. In full sun, mature bushes can produce up to 2,000 flowers per season. Hardy in USDA zones 5 through 10 with extra watering and filtered-shade protection during periods of intense heat. (Winter protection recommended the first year for Zone 6.) Presents glossy green foliage with medium-sized leaves in a compact, dense bush. Grows from 24 to 32 ins. in height and 24 to 32 ins. wide depending on pruning. Easy care requires only slow-release, balanced rose food once or twice a season and regular watering. Cut canes back annually to 10 ins. in late winter/early spring to keep blooming vigorous.

Anthony Tesselaar USA, Lawndale, CA