Weldmesh Concertainer consists of hinged, stackable panels, made of steel wire and mesh, with a non-woven geotextile insert. Come in a variety of heights, widths, and lengths, in beige or green. Just join panels to create walls, angles, extensions, or other structures, in any size desired. Each structure can be filled with soil, sand, rocks, rubble, or other reinforcing materials. Instead of sandbagging for flood control (whereby 10 workers might fill 1,500 sandbags in 7 hrs.), panels require 2 workers, a standard loader, and about 20 mins. to erect. Also ideal for building retaining walls to combat natural disasters ranging from earthquakes to avalanches. Other applications range from reinforcing shorelines or embankments to creating decorative terraces or bridge abutments. Open design permits growth of natural vegetation to blend in with outdoor environments. In addition, walls provide protection from bomb blasts and gun fire. Can create military fortresses and bunkers, as well as anti-terrorist barriers at sea ports, nuclear facilities, and other key sites.

Hesco Bastion USA LLC, Hammond, LA