Select from a wide range of kits to construct outdoor, temporary ice rinks measuring from 14 by 36 ft. to 88 by 200 ft. Install on level or sloping ground, near an accessible water source to fill rink with water from a hose. To form rink perimeter, brackets accommodate a 0.75-in.-thick sheet of plywood or interlocking plastic sideboards. Use one bracket for each 4 ft. of perimeter, or place brackets every 2.5 ft. for deep areas that will exceed 16 ins. of water that forms into ice. Frost-penetrating stakes come in 18- or 24-in. lengths. Rink liners come in a range of sizes and materials, some made of white film to help keep ice cold. Components also include high-visibility bumper caps to identify rink perimeter; kick plates to protect bottom edges of liner; and weights to hold liner in place. Add enhancement such as perimeter fencing and flexible posts. Expansion kits available. Companion products range from ice resurfacing tools and hockey nets to outdoor lighting and training aids. NiceRink, Genoa City, Wis.