Compact 344J boasts top stability and maneuverability at crowded job sites. Offers nearly 12-ft. reach, which eases dumping of material into center of tandem-axle trucks. To expedite work cycles, oscillated stereo steering allows tight turns with large loads, and return-to-dig feature automatically returns bucket to preset level. Hydrostatic drive train provides infinitely variable range that matches travel speed to job at hand. Reaches top speed of 19 m.p.h. Runs on 98-hp. turbocharged diesel engine. Walk-through cab provides 360° visibility for operator. Equipped with multi-adjustable, high-back suspension seat that enhances comfort. Joystick permits 1-handed control of boom, bucket, differential lock, and other functions. Options include a coupler that allows user to switch from a bucket to forks at the push of a button. John Deere, Worldwide Construction and Forestry Div., Moline, IL