Model 560E Extra wheel loader harnesses power to deliver fast cycle times and conquer challenging ground, including slippery conditions. Boasts payload capacity of 7 to 15 cu. yards, along with an operating weight of 92,549 lbs. Runs on turbocharged six-cylinder engine, which generates 427 net hp. Hydrostatic steering offers optimum control at any engine speed. Three-speed countershaft transmission ensures smooth modulation during all power shifts, providing a comfortable ride. Two levers, located at operator’s fingertips, allow control of transmission and speed shifts. Also features joystick boom and bucket controls. Z-bar linkage transfers maximum breakout force to bucket, enabling machine to pry out hard-packed material. Articulated frame offers tight turning radius of about 2612 ft. for enhanced maneuverability. Cab offers high visibility in all directions. Various gauges and warning lights keep operator on top of machine status. Dressta North America, a subsidiary of Dressta Co. Ltd., Buffalo Grove, Ill.