Enhance golf courses, parks, and other public grounds by adding Purple Martin Mansion birdhouses. Come in various sizes, with 8 to 28 rooms, including 4-floor styles. Each has a silver, reflective roof that attracts Purple Martins, said to be 1 of Americas most desirable backyard birds. Known for their pleasant chirp, aerobatic flight, and people-friendly behavior, the birds can eat up to 2,000 insects a day (including flies and mosquitoes). Even though the birds migrate to South America each yr., they generally return by late December to the same birdhouse previously inhabited. Made of aluminum, the birdhouses withstand severe weather; stay cooler than plastic; and wont crack, rot, or fade. Boast a light weight that lets 1 worker raise or lower house to desired height. Features also include porch dividers, long perch rail, guard rails to protect baby birds, built-in ventilation, and hinged door for easy clean-out. Install on companion, telescoping poles.

Coates Mfg. Co., Inc., a Div. of WatersEdge, Minden, LA