Quick 36 Super-Duty features 36-in., reinforced-steel deck, which adjusts from 1 to 4 ins. high. Also boasts 3 high-speed, high-lift blades, along with blade brake. Measures 40 ins. high, 59 ins. long, and 45 ins. wide (with chute down; 39 ins. wide with chute up). Runs on 16-hp. engine, with electric key starter. Travels up to 5 m.p.h., in forward speed, and up to 2 m.p.h. in reverse. Allows instant reverse mode via touch of operators thumb. In addition, hydrostatic drive enables instant, on-the-go forward to reverse functions, while permitting infinitely variable ground speeds. Other features include adjustable handlebars, halogen headlights, and operator presence system that ensures safety. Besides optional Step Saver Rider platform, accessories range from a Lawn Striping Roller Kit that creates a ballpark perfect lawn to an aluminum grass catcher for collecting clippings.

Better Outdoor Products, Clemmons, NC