Liberty Plus, part of the Mosquito Magnet line, stops insects from bugging outdoor enthusiasts and helps reduce the spread of West Nile virus. Provides silent, odorless, 24-hr. protection from mosquitoes, midges, black flies, and other biting insects, within 1-acre area. Specifically attracts female mosquitoes, which bite people to obtain blood protein that fertilizes mosquito eggs. Lures insects by mimicking a persons metabolism. Converts propane gas from traps integrated 20-lb. tank into a plume of carbon dioxide (the natural compound that people exhale). Also disperses heat, moisture, and a short-range insect attractant that resembles the scent of human skin. Then, built-in vacuum quietly captures approaching insects into a net inside device, where they dehydrate and die. Cordless operation requires no external source of electricity. Catches insects instantly, noticeably reducing bug infestations within 7 to 14 days.

American Biophysics Corp., North Kingstown, RI