Three people can travel in Ranger XP (Xtreme Off-Road Performance). Tows up to 1,750 lbs. Cargo box measures 54 by 36 by 11l/2 ins.; holds up to 1,000 lbs.; and has tailgate that eases dumping of loose materials. Also features under-seat storage compartment for transporting gear. Total payload capacity is 1,500 lbs., including 1 driver, passenger, cargo box, and transported load. Overall size is 113 ins. long, 60 ins. wide, and 75 ins. high. Travels up to 44 m.p.h. Equipped with 40-hp., parallel-twin engine, which runs on 87 octane fuel. Engine starts instantly in all conditionsfrom -25 F. to 120 F. In addition, electronic fuel injection system constantly and automatically compensates for changes in altitude, pressure, and temperature to assure consistent performance on rugged, off-road terrain. All-wheel drive lets both front wheels engage to conquer loose ground. Also allows turf-friendly traveldriver just pushes button to disengage rear differential. Vehicle even crosses water that measures up to 27 ins. high. Body comes in green, with black frame. Accessories range from Glacier Plow to 4,000-lb.-capacity winch. Add cab enclosure to protect riders in harsh weather. Price: $9,999.

Polaris Industries, Medina, MN