Gator TS (Traditional Series) features steel cargo box, which measures 40 ins. long, offers 25-in. loading height, and has 500-lb. capacity Also boasts 900-lb. towing capacity (on level terrain). Reaches top speed of 20 m.p.h. Low center of gravity enhances stability and handling on inclines and at increased speeds. High-flotation tires reduce ground impaction. Rear locks on drive wheels assure traction at challenging sites. Runs on 10-hp. gas engine. Other standard features range from mid-back seats and cup holders to a glove compartment and 12-v. outlet. Select from a variety of attachments and accessories, such as enclosed cab, rear hitch, winch, 72-in. front blade, and plow markers. Other Gator utility vehicles also available.

John Deere, Worldwide Commercial and Consumer Equipment Div., Cary, NC