KonaPost delineators offer an impact-resistant alternative to traditional orange cones and markers. Provide 360 visibility to signify lane closures or redirected lanes on roadways. Also ideal for indicating gate closures, marking areas in parking lots or garages, and directing pedestrians or vehicles during special events. Each post consists of urethane plastic; measures 19 ins. high by 4 ins. wide; and features a 1-piece, tapered-wall design. Just insert posts 6-in.-high plug into companion, steel receptacle (4 ins. wide and 8 ins. deep), which is recessed into pavement. Posts can be quickly deployed when needed, plus remove easily by lifting plug out of receptacle. Once installed, posts remain upright and intact, even if hit by more than 200 vehicle impacts and 200 wheel overs at 45 m.p.h. In contrast, conventional orange cones can be easily knocked over or pushed out of position upon impact, may become lost or damaged, and create potential safety risks. Posts come in white, orange, or yellow, plus custom colors. Meet FHWA requirements as Category 1 traffic-control devices.

Energy Absorption Systems, Inc., Safe-Hit Div., a Sub. of Quixote Corp., Chicago, IL