Tractor-drawn LiquiJect Model 860 uses SpikeWheel applicator to inject liquid fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, soil surfactants, wetting agents, and other liquid solutions directly into soil below the thatch line while simultaneously aerating turf and without extracting unsightly core plugs. Two-in-one tasking reduces downtime on golf courses, sports fields, parks, and recreational lands. Applying treatment at root zone optimizes turfs absorption, minimizes waste from runoff or evaporation, and decreases human and animal exposure to chemicals. Roller applicator features 17 SpikeWheels, each with 12 stainless-steel, hardened-alloy, 3-in.-long spikes that inject liquids into 5/8-in.-wide holes in a 6-in.-by-6-in. application pattern, across a total 8-ft., 6-in. swath. Liquid flows only when injector points rotate directly underneath wheel. Independently mounted, 7/8-in. spring arms keep downward pressure on wheels for even application over hilly fairways, mounded greens, and contoured landscapes. Applies from 50 to 150 gals. per acre to cover up to 3.3 acres/hr. at 3- to 5-m.p.h. ground speed. Injection rate is adjustable by speed and pressure. Hypro Roller Pump supplies 20- to 60-p.s.i. pressure on 540-r.p.m. PTO-drive. Requires 40-hp. tractor with 4-wheel drive and rear remote double-acting hydraulics. Has standard 3-point hitch with universal mounting bracket.

LiquiJect, L.L.C., Helix, OR