Model Hs8365S hedge trimmer offers enhanced safety features to protect users. These include dual safety switches that must be depressed simultaneously to start operation; blades stop in .05 secs. if operator releases either switch. Also, built-in guard shields users hands from cuts and scratches; insulation safeguards against electrical shock; and S-automatic safety clutch protects motor and gearing from kickback if unit bumps obstacles such as wire fencing or concrete walls. Trimmer operates at 3,200 strokes per min. and is rated at 4.4 amps, 500-w. input, with maximum 53-ins.-lbs. torque. Has 26-in. double-sided, hardened-steel blades that reciprocate in opposite directions while reducing vibration. Twig guide lifts and guides branches up to -ins. thick into cutting blade.

Metabo Corp., West Chester, PA