Addapave TP Paving System replaces mulch, paver blocks, and steel grate systems. Uses natural aggregates and clear binder to provide a seamless, natural, colorful, porous surface that is both functional and decorative. Porous surface allows tree to receive nutrients and water. Surface is available in natural, graded aggregates or recycled glass, both in a wide array of colors. Paving system remains bound by a polyurethane resin. Remains intact, unlike mulch or decorative stone, which can escape from pit area and scatter across surrounding area. Provides room for tree trunk growth and will not heave. Flat surface collects no litter. Also available with Greenleaf Root Rain Precinct Irrigator/Aerator to help supply water and air to tree roots and the Greenleaf Root Director, which restricts the trees root growth. Rite-Edge Paving Edging creates smooth curved edges at the base of the tree. The edgings design eliminates need for connector pins and stakes.

Chameleon Ways, Center Valley, PA