Greens Terra Spike comes in Model G6/135 or G6/160, which measure 53 or 63 ins. wide, respectively. Each size mounts on rear, 3-point Category 1 hitch of users tractor. Enables deep aeration, removes compacted soil from golf greens, and prepares ground for overseeding, while treating turf gently. Select from various solid tines (3/16, 5/16, , or ins. in dia.), which aerate down to 12 ins. deep. Also available with hollow tines (,-, 5/8-, -, or 1-in. dias.) for aerating down to 10 ins. deep. Central crank permits adjustments to working depth and entry angle of tines for specific spiking intensity. Three-speed gearbox lets user set desired hole spacing according to operating speed and number of tines. Integrated damping system absorbs jolts and vibrations caused by extreme compaction or stones to assure smooth operation. Attachment also accepts optional tools, such as a core collection scraper or hydraulic rotary brush, for year-round grounds care.

Wiedenmann North America, LLC, Savannah, GA