Youll never again have to change your turf maintenance schedule due to rain. Turf Tiger spreads 2.5 cu. yds. or more per load of wet or dry sand/peat topdressing, compost, infield mixes/conditioners, or soil mixtures in any weather. Saber Tooth spreading mechanism applies even wet, clumpy mixes in uniform pattern ranging from 8 to 12 ft. wide. Optional attachments include dual-spinner for light broadcast spreading and 42-in. brush for precision drop-spreading application. Flotation turf tires exert low, 14-p.s.i. ground pressure (fully loaded) and provide wide-track stability. Operates from 35-hp. tractor hydraulic drive or optional PTO-driven hydraulic system. Dual hydraulic controls allow infinite speed settings for belt and attachments. Has large 7,500-lb.-capacity hopper.

Millcreek Manufacturing Co., Leola, PA