Versatile WideSpin 1530 spinner-type top dresser with new spinner vanes applies heavy top dressing materials at ranges up to 15 ft. and light materials at up to 30 ft. Handles applications from super-light, frequent top dressings to the heavy applications following aerification. Enables crews to top-dress 18 greens in as little as 90 mins. Spinner angle is fully adjustable from 0° to 15° for better penetration of turf, even under windy conditions. Cross-conveyor attachment for tow-behind or truck-mounted top dressers adds 180° rotation behind the machine for material handling such as topping off bunkers, adding mulch to flower beds, packing in and leveling sprinkler heads, and more. Tow-behind model features11-hp., electric-start, single-cylinder Briggs and Stratton Commercial Power engine. Truck-mounted model fits 4-wheel Cushman Turf-Truckster, John Deere ProGator, and Toro Workman turf trucks. Non-powered tow-behind model uses power from turf trucks’ hydraulic systems. All versions have self-cleaning conveyor rollers that reduce belt wear and increase life span. Turfco Mfg., Inc., Minneapolis, MN