Boasting a compact size, Model 525 Hi-Speed Green Machine scours debris from in and around congested areas. Also doubles as a street sweeper. Ideal for cleaning curbs, urban centers, sidewalks, parking lots, garages, walkways, alleys, park trails, and other sites. Delivers variable suction power to remove debris from delicate surfaces, such as brick or cobblestone. Runs quietly to please pedestrians. Two front-mounted brooms measure 24 ins. in dia., ready to sweep up to 250,000 sq. ft. per hr. Offer variable sweeping width, from 47 to 71 ins., which operator controls via joystick in enclosed cab. Just press 1 button to switch from 8-m.p.h. sweeping mode to 23-m.p.h. traveling speed. Stainless steel hopper boasts 4-cu.-yd. capacity, thanks to impeller fan that reduces volume of debris by 4-to-1 ratio. Hoppers high-dump design allows easy emptying of debris into dumpsters or roll-off containers. Overall size is 123 ins. long, 45 ins. wide, and 78 ins. high. Runs on 31.3-hp., turbocharged diesel engine. Four-wheel drive enhances traction on any surface. Options include air conditioning, pressure-washer wand, and radio/CD player.

Applied Sweepers, Sharon Hill, PA