Just spread flexible Bush Bib on the ground, around trees, plantings or utility sites, to keep areas permanently neat and tidy. Needs no digging or hold-down stakes for installation. Just cut to size with conventional scissors. Once applied, barrier suppresses unwanted vegetation, without the potential risks of applying chemicals or the continual need to reapply mulch. Consists of thin, recycled material that forms a gentle seal around tree or plant, while allowing infiltration of water and nutrients to enhance beneficial growth. Allows mowers to travel directly over material. Also protects utility sites from damage caused by string trimmers or mower decks. Comes in sizes with a 1-in. hole and 24-in. outside diameter or a 6.5-in. hole and 30-in. outside diameter. Select from five colors: Cypress (rust red), Soil (dark brown), Bark (charcoal), Grass (dark green) or Concrete (light gray) to blend in with surroundings. Custom colors and markings available. People Devices, Owosso, Mich.