Model ATM-72LC All Terrain Mower combines maneuverability with high visibility of job at hand. Automatic, self-leveling system keeps operator, controls, and engine in vertical position for trimming slopes up to 34 or more, depending on turf conditions. Two halves of 72-in.-wide, steel deck float independently, delivering a precise cut in ditches, over crowns, and on other challenging ground. Offers adjustable cutting height, from 2 to 6 ins., along with rear discharge of grass clippings. Foot-operated speed control lets operator travel up to 11 m.p.h. Runs on 30.2-hp. diesel engine. Also features hydrostatic drive, power steering (via steering wheel), hand-operated parking brake, and halogen headlights. Adjustable, suspension seat includes armrests and seat belt. Overall size is 107 ins. long, 74 ins. wide, and 91 ins. high. Weighs 2,250 lbs. Thanks to quiet, energy-efficient operation, mower meets Tier 2 emission standards. Optional canopy available.

DewEze Mfg., a Div. of Harper Industries, Inc., Harper, KS