Use T280/T330 Series II HydroSeeder to apply various blends of seed, fertilizer, fiber mulch, and growth-enhancing additives in 1 step. Caters to demanding, large-scale applications such as highway or reclamation projects. Low-profile hose reel features 90 pivoting platform; 3 locking positions (curbside application, as well as 45 or rear hose discharge); and UV.-resistant canopy. Centralized discharge boom enhances rear sweep pattern and curbside spraying. Machine also features centrifugal slurry pump, turbo-charged diesel engine, and access ladder. Loading hatch boasts 56-in. slide gate opening for adding hydro-seeding mixture. Curbside hinged lid keeps material from spilling. Optional remote control for engine throttle and pump enable hose spraying by 1 worker.

Finn Corp., Fairfield, OH