Cultivated annuals dress up landscapes, borders, and beds with rich colors and textures while providing ground cover to park lands, public spaces, golf courses, along highways, and around fences and screens. Direct seeding of 7 low-maintenance, long-blooming varieties keeps labor costs low. Unique collection includes Cleome hasslerana (Spider Plant, Color Fountain mixture, 36 ins.), Cosmos bipinnatus (Sea Shells mixed, 36 ins.), Dolichos lablab (Hyacinth Bean creeper/climber), Eschscholzia californica (Ballerina double mixed, 10 ins.), Lavatera trimestris (Tree Mallow, Silver Cup, 24 ins.), Rudbeckia hirta (Black-Eyed Susan, Indian Summer, 30 ins.), and Verbena bonariensis (Purpletop Vervain, 48 ins.).

Applewood Seed Co., Arvada, CO