Marshall Tree Saw attached to a skid steer with operating capacity of 1,700-3,500 lbs. can clear up to 400 trees per hr. Cuts trunks up to 30-in. dia. at or below ground level and trims or tops trees up to 17 ft. above ground without changing heads. Leaves no stumps to grind. Sets for horizontal cutting to clear river banks or drainage ditches. Reaches over fences and hedgerows and under power/ telephone lines. Bidirectional hydraulics allow slowly rotating blade to cut left to right or right to left, away from operator. Teeth on either side of blade hold trees in place. Extended frame and A-frame bar keep branches out of operators cab. Self-oiling system can operate with used motor oil. Mounting shaft and bushings can be greased from a single point. Critical parts are designed for easy replacement. Sprayer attachment is optional.

Hill Mfg., Inc., Broken Arrow, OK