Eagle 705/755 Wind Tolerant Rotors are specifically designed to put water where it’s intended to go under consistently windy course conditions. Inverse, wedge-shaped spray pattern with 12° spray trajectory delivers greater water mass up front, creating inertia to resist wind and distribute water effectively. Create larger water droplets that are less likely to mist, fog, or drift, reducing water zone loss. Flow channel design moves water along flow path and projects water farther through the nozzle. Full- and part-circle models use similar nozzles for compatible spray patterns. Heavy-duty, 2-piece solenoid can be removed without depressurizing water line. Also feature top-serviceable rock screen and replaceable valve seat to remove debris. Pop-up height of 3.25 ins. clears surrounding turf. Available for new course constructions or renovations. Rain Bird Corp., Golf Div., Tucson, AZ