BlueYellow enables fast, 1-step establishment of turf at a variety of sitesfrom playing surfaces on golf courses to sports fields or parks. Lightweight roll contains cellulose-based substrate with calibrated distribution of grass seed and fertilizer. The substrate secures seed and fertilizer in place, protecting seed from damaging forces such as wind and excessive rain. Enhances seed germination for uniform turf establishment. Also improves moisture retention, reduces soil erosion, and suppresses weeds. Ideal for flat surfaces or slopes, plus conforms to contours around trees, sidewalks, and other obstacles. Needs no special equipment or training to install. To apply, just roll substrate over raked surface, then water surface thoroughly. Within a few weeks, when grass sprouts, substrate naturally biodegrades into soil. Select from a variety of grass blends, such as bentgrass, ryegrass, fescue, or custom blends. Standard rolls measure 6 ft. wide by 200 ft. long or 3 ft. wide by 333 ft. long. Also comes in sample roll (3 ft. wide by 50 ft. long).

BlueYellow, LLC, Brunswick, GA