Boasting top maneuverability, TruckKat vehicles are said to be 53% more productive than tractor-mounted mowers. Travel at speeds up to 75 m.p.h. to reduce traffic congestion and safety hazards of slow-moving vehicles on highways. Fast transport speed means that operator can drive vehicle back to a secure storage yard each night, rather than leaving equipment in an unprotected field. Vehicles boom folds in and stores on built-in flatbed, allowing overall transport width to measure less than 102 ins.narrow enough to fit through standard drive-through areas. Side rotary mower (shown) offers a choice of 2 booms. Standard boom provides reach of about 21 ft. sideways, 20 ft. upward, and 12 ft. downward. Arched boom enables mower to trim grass and brush located over highway guardrails and reflector posts. Cutter heads rotate to penetrate tight corners, while steel blades ensure a neat and thorough cut. Vehicle comes in 2- or 4-wheel-drive models, each with an electronic joystick to control boom operation. Select from many options, such as lightbars, tool boxes, and trailer hitches. Besides rotary mowers, vehicle attachments include a flail mower head (50 or 63 ins. wide), snow thrower, 22-in. ditch digger, and a saw blade for cutting up to 8-in.-dia. trees.

Tiger Corp., Sioux Falls, SD