Said to be twice as strong as cement, BonZtite offers a fast way to patch, level and resurface concrete slabs, pool walkways, sidewalks, curbs, ramps and similar surfaces. Comes in a kit that includes resin, cement and tint. Resins combine with aggregates and cement powders to form a long-lasting bond on most substrates. Just mix compound with water to apply feather-thin patches, up to 1 in. Also accepts companion aggregate for 8-in. capability. Cures quickly without causing shrinkage or cracking. As a final finish or base substrate, apply a tint to match any shade of gray. Also creates nonskid surfaces in patterned or textured designs. Select from two sizes: 10-lb. kit, packaged in 1.5-gal. container, covers 25 to 30 sq. ft.; 50-lb. kit, in a 5-gal. pail, covers 100 to 125 sq. ft. Rhino Hide, Eaton Park, Fla.