Golf and Turf Series, Model GT-126, features steel frame and 5-hp. engine. Cutting reel measures 5 ins. in dia. by 26 ins. wide. Overall size is 36 ins. high, 58 ins. long, and 28 ins. wide. Offers variable mowing speeds up to 3 m.p.h., plus adjustable cutting heights (.045 to 3 ins.). Front-grooved aluminum rollers rest in 2 sections to provide scuff-free turns. Rollers also allow cutting head to float over surfaces and follow contours of terrain. Available with a variety of attachments and cutting units, which operator can interchange within secs. Select from verti-cut and thinning cutting heads. Blade options include 5-, 6-,7,- 8-, or 10-blade conventional styles; 8- or 10-blade, self-adjusting V reels; and 14-blade micro-cut versions.

Locke Turf, Opp, AL