ReCyclone gyroscopic grinder chews up industrial and household waste and spits out recyclable material in sizes from 20 microns to 12 ins. for a multitude of applications. Grinds inorganic waste for recycling or burning for electricity, and corn and corn stocks to be used for ethanol. Pulverizes electronic devices for recovery of precious metals used in computer boards and chips. Converts “dirty” plastic into low-sulfur, high-quality diesel oil. Processes organic and agricultural materials into dirt and compost. Also converts waste into small fuel pellets that can replace coal for burning. Grinder is powered by a single 200- to 400-hp electric motor that rotates a central shaft assembly and spins its moving steel arm tip as fast as 650 mph. Has no grates, cutting teeth or knife edges. All wear parts are easily replaceable, including shear bolts, wear plates, wear bars, centrifugal impellers, push blocks and moving arms. Requires only minor adjustments to process solid waste, aluminum cans, plastic, glass, phone books, yard waste, pallets, wood, industrial scrap, tires, oil waste sludge, paint and more. Depending upon configuration, said to be able to extend landfill life by 700 percent, halve the waste volume deposited into landfills, eliminate the need for fill dirt and reduce landfill moisture, groundwater leaching, bacteria, odors, and animal vectors. Boasts up to six times the lifespan of other shredder/grinder systems with virtually no downtime. PowerMaster Environmental Group LLC, San Antonio, Texas