With lightweight alloys and hydrostatic 4-wheel drive, Spider radio-controlled mower handles all terrain and slopes up to 40 elevation on golf courses and park land, as well as in areas surrounding reservoirs, rivers, waterworks, and dams. Radio-control range is 100 m. Remote transmitter with microprocessor starts, stops, and switches off engine; engages and disengages mower; adjusts cutting height; changes traveling speed and direction; steers wheels 360 rotation; and shuts down in case of emergency. System also shuts down with loss of signal due to exceeding safe distance. Battery features standby period of up to 20 hrs. Receiver/power element consists of electronic power circuit; servomotors that control direction, speed, and gas; linear electric motors for height/cut adjustment; electromagnetic clutch; and mowing device. Mower features steel blade that attacks growth up to 2 ins. in dia., 4.5 ins. in height, with 32-in. mowing width. Cuts wet grass even in rain or periods of heavy dew. Transport by trailer, truck, or van.

Spider-U.S.A., Upland, CA