Mobile Matt protects ground, while improving vehicle traction over mud, wet grass, or other adverse field conditions. Caters to anyone who operates outdoor equipment, including construction or landscaping crews. Each mat consists of high-density polyethylene sheet, which boasts longer life than traditional plywood planks. To promote vehicle traction, waffle design creates raised, tire-gripping treads on top surface. Studs on bottom surface prevent mat from slipping, without requiring anchors to secure mat in place. Select from 4 sizes (2 by 4, 2 by 6, 2 by 8, or 4 by 8 ft.) for small, medium, or large equipment. Built-in hand holes ease transport by 1 or 2 workers, plus allow mats to hang for storage. In addition, sheet’s stackable design ensures compact storage. Surface cleans easily—just strike backside of mat to loosen excess dirt, and use a hose to rinse traction surface. PJS Products, a Div. of Versatile Plastics, Inc., Green Bay, WI