Willow Creek Aqua-Loc permeable pavers permit storm water to drain through spaces between the paving blocks into subsurface aggregate detention areas rather than running off roadways, parking surfaces, and other traffic areas. Reduce runoff from concrete or asphalt surfaces as much as 90 percent. Help to eliminate contamination of water systems from nitrite, nitrate, phosphate, phosphorus, metals, ammonium, and other pollutants by directing storm water into subsurface where it can be filtered by natural processes before gradually exiting the drainage system. Also reduce temperature of runoff water near lakes, rivers, and streams to benefit aquatic life sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Create flexible surfaces that tolerate movement from freeze/thaw cycles without damage. Can be removed and replaced for access/repair to underground utilities. Available in Slate, Sandstone, and Sedona colors. Meet current federal rules for storm water management plans under the Clean Water Act. Also qualify for U.S. Green Building Council credits for sustainable site and building design (LEED). Versa-Lok Retaining Wall Systems, Oakdale, MN