My Favorite Perennial Mums blossom year after year in warm or frigid climates. Ideal for enhancing hedges, borders, and other garden settings. Six new color varieties include red (pictured), white, purple, lavender, orange, and amber. Red mum flaunts a bush shape, lush green foliage, and red flowers that measure about 2 by 2 ins. across. Blooms in late August or early September for 4 to 5 weeks. Grows up to 14 ins. tall and 18 ins. wide during first year of planting. By third year, mum grows up to 18 ins. high and 45 ins. wide. Each mum in series provides an even canopy of up to 5,000 blooms during the fall blooming season. Thrives in well-drained soil. Flowers attract butterflies, especially Monarchs, for visitors enjoyment. Available from a network of licensed growers. Prices: $12 to $16 for 4-plant pack; $10 to $15 for decorator pot; $20 to $30 for display pot.

Anthony Tesselaar USA, Lawndale, CA