All-natural, nontoxic Weed Pharm’s 20% vinegar (acetic acid) solution is said to be the world’s first food-grade, organic, nonselective herbicide that effectively kills annual and broadleaf weeds and weedy grasses without synthetic chemicals. Works by stripping leaves of their waxy coating, preventing the collection of moisture and light. Shows results in just a few hours. EPA-registered, nonflammable product is 300-grain white distilled vinegar that is stable in storage, biodegradable under aerobic and anaerobic conditions and disposable as a weak acid. Users should avoid inhalation of vapors and skin contact, and wear eye protection. Available in 1-L and 1-gal. sizes, and in bulk as 55-gal. drums and truckload quantities. Company also offers certified-organic deer repellent, insecticides, indoor and outdoor fungicides and more. Pharm Solutions Inc., Port Townsend, Wash.