New-generation Sentar mower boasts a unique sit/stand design. Rugged, zero-turn-radius mower weighs up to 300 lbs. less than similar mowers, according to manufacturer. Padded seat with mono-spring suspension folds down for operation from a sitting position or folds up for stand-on operation. Seat is positioned so operator can step off for quick exits or to remove debris, and mower stops immediately. Operator-presence switch on foot platform stops blade and engine, and control levers return to neutral position when operator lets go. Sentar’s riding position helps operators steer clear of low-hanging obstacles and branches. Mower’s smaller footprint and lower center of gravity keep mower agile on uneven terrain. Cutting height can be adjusted rapidly and easily from driver’s seat or standing platform using Rapid Height adjustment control. Available in 48-, 52- and 61-in. deck widths with engines ranging from 19 to 25 hp. Wright Mfg., Frederick, Md.