Lightweight HoverMower HM 19S2 floats in any direction over any land contour, whether flat turf, thick grass, steep slopes, banks and bunkers, retaining walls, or other hard-to-mow areas. Equipped with 3.8-hp., 2-cycle, Suzuki M120X engine that powers impellers for steady operation even on inclines. Uses 50-to-1 fuel mix for continuous lubrication that extends engine life. Triple stainless-steel, reversible blades cut 19-in.-wide swath in - to 3-in. cutting heights. Deep tripod polyethylene deck eliminates scalping and and resists cracking. Steel handle brackets connect to deck with reinforced metal plates that eliminate stress fracture. Options include lift kit for 4-in. cutting height, snorkel air cleaner, and extreme duty precleaner.

Eastman Industries, Portland, ME