MxVision WeatherSentry Turf Edition assists with turf maintenance, crew scheduling and chemical applications on grounds. Helps golf course superintendents and turf managers make informed weather-related decisions to reduce risks, cut costs and maximize resources. Software provides detailed forecasts of local weather for nearly 2,500 locations. Updates forecasts every hour, 24 hours a day. Predicts weather conditions up to 10 days in advance. Indicates when winds will be too strong to spray chemicals or when heat index may endanger work crews. Also indicates when rain, ice or snow will begin and how long precipitation will last. Provides real-time notifications of impending lightning. Information such as forecasted wind speed and chance of precipitation can be viewed as graphs. Can transmit key weather alerts and warnings directly to user’s cell phone. Select from two delivery methods to receive weather information: High-speed Internet option sends forecasts to user’s browser and needs no additional software; satellite delivery works through user’s Windows-based PC. Online version allows direct access to meteorologists. Customize weather information to suit specific needs. Meteorlogix, Minneapolis, Minn.