Operating through Microsoft Windows software, SiteControl offers an interactive, central control system for managing turf irrigation. Controls single site with up to 8 locations, upgradable to 16 locations. Lets user create irrigation schedules and programs based on specific site parameters. Can control 100 programs residing in system. Provides up to 12 start times per individual schedule and up to 6 starting times per individual program. Works through satellites, wireless communications, and/or decoders, using 2-wire path. Conveys information in a choice of 11 languages. Real-time, on-screen graphics show location of individual irrigation rotors, while allowing interactive mapping, status reporting, and the creation of colorful charts. RainWatch feature uses tipping-bucket rain cans to detect and suspend irrigation while measuring rainfall. Then resumes irrigation when rain stops, reducing run times according to measured rain. In addition, water budgeting function adjusts watering time from zero to 300%, in 1% intervals, to save water and energy costs. Optional software modules include Smart Weather, which reacts to current weather conditions and transmits automatic responses or alarms to users PC. Remote system control allows operation through digital phones or radios.

Rain Bird Corp., Glendora, CA