Verti-Art line of maintenance equipment helps keep turf fields clean so they are safe for players. Equipment also ensures that the field surface remains level. Verti-Top 1500 employs a rotary brush to pick up debris; a vacuum option that removes fine dust, allergens and other small particles is available for unit. Verti-Top WB, a walk-behind model for smaller applications and tighter budgets, also is available. Verti-Broom model features a triangular fixed-bristle brush that stands synthetic turf fibers up, levels the surface and removes large debris. It is available in two sizes: Verti-Broom 180 and larger Verti-Broom 240. Company also offers Redexim-ATD spray disinfectant for artificial turf, as well as the Verti-Spray sprayer for applying the disinfectant. Redexim Charterhouse, Pittston Township, Pa.