Bobcat machines offer a wide selection of bucket styles and sizes that match the power and capacity of each loader and utility work machine and give operators the ability to adjust to changing markets, seasons and applications. Construction/industrial buckets feature high-carbon steel cutting edges for longer wear, side-cutting edges and a waffle-type skid plate, plus improved cutting edge visibility and bucket breakout force. Dirt buckets are available in six sizes from 5.1 to 20.1 cu. ft. Fertilizer and grain buckets offer large capacities and more rollback range to minimize spillage over the front edge. Light-material buckets are high-backed with straight sides, ideal for loading and handling light materials such as snow and mulch. Low-profile buckets have a longer bottom for grading, leveling and material handling. Utility buckets come in four different sizes to handle a wide variety of jobs and materials. All attachments are engineered to vertically integrate with the electronics, hydraulics and geometry of individual Bobcat machines. Bobcat Co., West Fargo, N.D.