Model 115-E rotor caters to sports fields, parks, and other large areas covered with turf or artificial turf. Shoots water from 85 to 115 ft. across grounds, while boasting maximum stream height of 24 ft. Long range reduces number of sprinkler heads needed, as well as trenching required to install heads. Distributes water uniformly over entire radius of spray pattern. Each rotor measures 131/3 ins. high, with a pop-up height of 3 ins. to clear tall grass. Offers adjustable rotation within 30 to 360 range. Offers pressure settings of 80, 100, or 120 p.s.i. when fully open. Achieves 360 coverage in 1 to 4 mins. via preset control. Also equipped with color-coded nozzles to ease identification. Companion rubber covers fit over rotor head to ensure player safety on sports fields.

Rain Bird Corp., Glendora, CA