DryJect contract turf maintenance service uses high-speed, water-based injection system that blasts aeration holes through turf root zone. Fractures soil while vacuum effect simultaneously fills in soil amendments. Relieves compaction, increases water filtration, aerates root zone with oxygen, and amends soil in 1 pass. Leaves surfaces smooth and playable 1 hr. after application, with no plugs to clean up. Injects a variety of dry, flowable materials, including sand, seed, insecticides, wetting agents, fungicides, fertilizers, biologicals, root stimulants, and more. Adjustable depths from 2 to 8 ins., depending on soil type and compaction, and aeration spacing from 2 to 6 ins. Provides immediate relief to sports fields and golf courses during summer heat and in high-traffic situations. Benefits both cool and warm-season turf. DryJect Services, LLC, Ocean, NJ