FlightControl PLUS sprayed onto grassy areas works to deter geese in 2 ways: Causes mild intestinal reaction when birds feed on treated turf. In addition, residue on grass blades is visible to geese that see in both UV. and normal light spectrums. Birds learn to associate affected turf with feeding disorder and avoid the treated area. During growing season, apply to dry, mowed, clipping-free grass. No need to respray after rain or irrigation because active ingredient once applied and dried is insoluble in water. When grass is dormant, applications last up to 3 months. After geese are conditioned to avoid areas, apply only as needed. One gal. treats approximately 1 acre. Cost effective when compared with ongoing lawn maintenance costs for repairing goose-damaged turf, manpower costs to rake or wash droppings from no-tolerance zones, potential liability for falls, or cleanup of lakes and ponds from fecal contamination. Company will assist user with determining product application rate and seasonal timing.

SePRO Corp., Carmel, IN